Proxy Killing & Modern Day Slavery in the Baltic's

[Baltic Killing by Proxy: 1) Nazi's in E. Europe  2) Suicide   3) Modern Day Slavery in the Baltic's]     

 "Kill the Jew, or we will kill you!"         

                    Brian Worley                             

How does one avert the responsibility for murder and slavery? Through proxy (persuading or enabling someone other than yourself to accomplish your objective) and then hope that no one exposes how or who did it! This essay will briefly examine how people living in the Baltic's have been killed or enslaved through proxy. First, I will share a powerful story from an elderly lady that experienced the Nazi invasion of Lithuania first hand. Afterwards, I will discuss the effects of disastrous moral and economic decisions that have led to the Baltic region people having the highest suicide rates in the world! I caution the reader that you might or should find that this is disturbing...enough so, that it might provoke corrective measures to be taken!

What is particularly upsetting is the apathy from human rights organizations, European Union  and the United Nations' officials that nonchalantly ignore present day atrocities. Does anyone give a damn about the people of the Baltic's?

An elderly Lithuanian survivor tells what won’t be written in the history books

I've been fortunate enough to get to spend some time with a dear “little ole lady” that had personally witnessed and has entrusted me with parts of her family's story. I will share a slice of gruesome history that has probably never been told before. I can vouch for this woman’s character so bear with me as I share with you what will probably never get placed into the history books! 

The dear Latvian woman said that her family was originally from Lithuania. The years just before WWII were good times; but then the Nazi Germans came to occupy! Before the war, society was markedly different than it is today because the work ethic of the people was much stronger and there was economic hope. The economic optimism of that time was obliterated by the military occupation and vastly contrasts with the large numbers of alcoholics today that prefer drinking rather than earning a living with hard work today! 

The Nazis came first and then the Russian Army took the region away from them a few years later. Although there is nothing nice to say when a foreign army comes to occupy your country; you couldn’t help but notice the contrast of how they administered their authority. 

Nazi visitation of a 1940’s Lithuanian farm 

Her family owned a rather large Lithuanian farm, when the Nazis came they asked for sustenance items in general rather than taking them like the Russians did. Nazi soldiers were basically polite for being soldiers, just wait till I share how they learned to kill through proxy! Most any army would have Christians within its ranks, the Nazis’ were no exception. She says many of the Nazi soldiers seemed to have had morals evidenced by their interactions with her family. 

The soldiers had guns, they could have just killed them for their farm and plundered their goods…but they didn’t!  I mention these things to contrast the sheer ignorance of those seeking to make the case that Nazis were atheists; fact is that throughout their army many were Christians! 

She said the Nazis by in large didn’t come and rape the women like the Russian soldiers did. The Nazis were focused upon the Jews while the Russians went after anyone that might be a possible threat to them. 

Clever Nazi schemes within a Lithuanian prison: Jewish killing through proxy! 

This woman’s uncle was a high-ranking person within Lithuania’s corrections (prisons) system. The Nazis approached the prison authorities to assist them with a “project” without revealing their true intentions; which were to kill Jewish people. What they did to “clean their hands” of bloodshed was to take captive prisoners from the jails to do the killing in their stead (killing by proxy); rather than having the Nazis soldiers do the killing themselves. The Nazis were clearly behind the killing but were clever to keep themselves from being implicated for the bloodshed!  

They made her Lithuanian uncle Paulis help them to gather prisoners for what was then an unspecified task. They took those prisoners away, isolating and separating them from the others in the jail. The Nazis got the prisoners drunk and later brought out the Jews that they wanted to kill to the same location. With Nazi’s guns being drawn upon the drunken prisoners and their feeling that they were about to be killed at any moment, the Nazis gave them a gun and a “choice.” They were told that if they wanted to survive, they must take the gun that they were just issued and kill the Jewish people that were in front of them! The choice was this: you kill the Jew or we kill you!  

The Nazis followed through and murdered the prisoners whom didn’t kill Jews. The surviving prisoners that actually did the killing had their pictures taken in the very act of murder!  The Nazis collected the photographs and placed them into bottles to preserve evidence  “proof” that it wasn’t the Nazis that took to killing the Jews; but the local people who were often political prisoners! They then tossed the bottles containing the photographs into the piles of dead Jewish bodies and watched as the prisoners were made to help bury the dead! Thus, the Nazis killed through proxy in this case! 

Paulis’ suicide & the highest suicide rates in the world 

Her uncle Paulis was never the same again after having witnessed those gruesome events; she said the events probably contributed to his rapid decline of health and eventual suicide. Paulis was a very smart man, he spoke 5 languages. To avoid the certain Russian doom, he changed his whole identity to survive; but his wife and daughter were not as fortunate as Paulis was unable to protect his family. 

After the Nazis left and the Russian army came Paulis’ wife and daughter were captured and sent to Siberia where his wife subsequently died. Paulis’ daughter survived after 30 plus years of labor and was released sometime in the 1980’s with Gorbachev in power. She was fortunate to get the opportunity to return to her Lithuania to find what was left of her family! 

Although Paulis case has nothing to do with the current situation; I would be remiss by failing to inform the reader of the current epidemic suicidal statistics within the Baltic’s’! The World Health Organization’s (WHO) data vividly expresses that the region’s suicidal numbers are the highest in the world! See the alarming WHO statistics and weep! 

Concealed within national suicide statistics are the lack of optimism and hope that pervade the respective society. The gloom of despair hangs heavy like a fog here (keep in mind those are pre-crisis numbers!) It is a damn disgrace, which ought to shock anyone whom considers themselves to be human!!!

Invasion of the Russian Army 

While the Nazis were clever with their penchant for blood, the Russians were downright animalistic in their cruelty!  Severing body parts; raping the women; killing parents in front of their children; etc. it was horrible! 

The Russians gathered all whom were intelligent, or had built something in life and either killed them on the spot or gathered them to be sent to work camps in Siberia. Once in Siberia, they usually worked prisoners until death. Consider this portion of the article the follow up to my previous article upon this subject matter.  My wife’s uncle was a Jewish man whom suddenly disappeared and was never heard from again. So whenever someone tells you that the Holocaust never happened, let me tell you they are full of &*#@! 

Current day white collar banking crime and the  “throw away people” people within Latvia

The level of corruption and ineptitude of the people and politicians are downright astounding here! My family has been “rail roaded,” stripped of human rights, robbed of our sustenance. This link: Latvia: Giving Democracy a Bad Name will tell some of our story. The bureaucrats have thus far avoided all of my inquiries for human rights protection and justice; someone needs to ask them some very pointed questions and to hold them accountable! The EU and the UN’s present day silence about what is happening here is DISGUSTING! 

The economic crisis has been very hard upon most everyone. If I knew the Latvian language very well, I could really tell you of some stories about what goes on here. Democracy is just a cheap word in Latvia and a misnomer. So, I will hereafter limit the scope of present day atrocities to another type of proxy killing carried out by the banks here (largely Scandinavian banks.) 

Bankers kill without shedding any blood! 

I cannot confirm the numbers but was recently told by a legal representative that of the roughly 15,000 applications for bankruptcy within Latvia, roughly 14,300 have been denied! This means that there is only a 5% chance that a Latvian judge will allow people whom file for bankruptcy to be relieved of their debts. 

When the bank decides to foreclose, you just cannot give the home “keys” back to the bank. NO! The Latvian “system” requires you to: 1) file for bankruptcy (which amount alone would cost the average Latvian 3 months of pay)  2) be able to prove that you can pay a $400 a month “administration fee” payment for a 5 year duration…if it is a shared mortgage then double this amount!  [PLEASE NOTE: people who lose their businesses or jobs WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO APPLY FOR BANKRUPTCY BECAUSE they will not be able to feed the corruption system the 5 year $400 monthly payoff] Bankruptcy should be for debtor relief, but the corrupt Latvian system sees this as a “business opportunity!” 

There is little hope for a “fresh start” here. While such notables such as Walt Disney, Larry King, Gloria Vanderbilt and at least 4 different US presidents where able to file for bankruptcy and get a new lease upon life; slim chance of that possibility in Latvia!  

What happens when the judge rejects the bankruptcy application? Lets say that they sell the 80,000 home for 45,000 to one of their cronies. The bank recoups 45,000 and has the debtor work up until the day they die to repay the 35,000 difference! 

That would mean that the original borrower WHO WASN’T forgiven of his debt would have the Latvian corruption racquet take EVERYTHING you make from that point forward in your life of income over $400 monthly until you paid off that 35,000 difference. 

The “lucky” Latvian that gets their bankruptcy approved will get to keep their first $400 per month income for themselves (as a single without dependents.) The next $400 will go to service the Latvian corruption system for the next 5 years! Thus far, the first $800 per month have been accounted for. Everything beyond this point is earmarked for the banker!  

That is a LIFE SENTENCE to the bank with the Latvian government’s collaboration! Could this be part of the story with the high suicidal rate here? I’m certain that it contributes to the local “black and grey market.”  

I’m afraid that some might read this article with “democracy eyes” without grasping the meaning of all of this! I love democracy, just wish we had it here! As bad as the Nazi and Russian killing were, it seems that the killing through proxy continues on unabated! 

Brian Worley   November 13, 2009   All rights reserved!  

My desire is that this story gets wide dissemination. Hereby, I grant anyone the rights to re-post this upon the web or to place into print with the stipulation that nothing is edited, added or changed and that I am clearly acknowledged as the author with links back to the Ex-Minister website's main page !  PS: Typo's, punctuation or grammatical type of errors and  corrections are welcomed as I am not an English major! Please have the courtesy to inform me through email if you do use this article.

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