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A Brief Introduction:       

Hello, I'm Brian Worley. I started Ex-Minister a few years after leaving the ministry. I graduated from Tennessee Temple University majoring in Pastoral Studies and was on church staffs in Tennessee and California.

I was one of the earlier post-Christian skeptic writers before the New Atheist's barged in with their religion dismissive attitude. Frankly, I despise atheism's muscle and attempts to set the tone on how the rest of us should view religion. Confession here, I like religion and am convinced that our literal criticism of the Bible doesn't justify the destruction of religion. I'm cognizant of the fact that religion is a foundational aspect of advanced society. Religion doesn't need to be destroyed, it needs to re-focus and get better without the distractions from the atheists! 

Having spent a few years in the post-Soviet Union (Latvia) observant of a society that had essentially dismissed God for a 50-year period opened my post-Christian eyes. I somewhat feel like the George Bailey character (James Stewart) in "It's a Wonderful Life" having gained the perspective of seeing what life would be like if they (religion in this case) wasn't around. 

This world's greatest problems are of a spiritual nature (attitudes of the heart). Secularism has great promise in many venues but it isn't suited to address the problems that religion and the clergy engage in daily.

I'd like to work full-time upon the subject matter expressed upon this website. Can a loving, nurturing secular perspective attract necessary funding, or does it only go towards those taking a destructive path? I've staked a positive dualistic (mutual secular/religious) non-hostile disposition for those in society that have left religious practice behind. Ideologically, I believe Ex-Minister's position should be the prevailing view of secular society! 

The reality is that money sets the public agenda of our world.  Give Ex-Minister a portion of atheism's resources and we believe we will make a positive impact upon society! Would you consider helping us get there?

Mission Statement:  

Ex-Minister assists clerics, seeking to utilize their talents within society to build bridges and find peaceful solutions to problems exacerbated by secular or religious strife.


Questions and Answers

Q: If you like religion so much, why be critical? Seems like your positing a hypocritical stance, why not shut things down for the good of religion? 

A: Why take a negative view of criticism? Every decent Bible school teaches Biblical criticism in its Hermeneutics classes. Those that are ineffective are likely to produce fundamentalists; those that teach it well are likely to produce common good difference makers in society. 

Religion has its own paradox; we call it fundamentalism. Virtually no one objects to a good citizen whose belief in God makes them a better person. However, the "wrapped too tightly" crusader invokes consternation to those around him. Simply put, no fundamentalists - no Ex-minister. 

What is true in love is also applicable with religion; the group 38 Special expressed it well in the lyrics of its hit single "Hold on Loosely." 

"Hold on loosely... but don't let go... .if you cling too tight babe... your gonna lose control" 

The problem with religion & skepticism is that some cling too tightly to it and become truth crusaders. Rather than being a good thing, it denigrates into a belligerent destructive force that invites a never-ending circle of retaliation. Religion isn't the problem; Fundamentalism (skeptical and religious versions) is what ails us. 

While you didn't ask me, someone needs to be critical of skepticism as well or else they will continue to wreak unfettered havoc upon religion. Someone within skepticism needs to "have the back" of good religion and do some of their "dirty work" for pragmatic, common good reasons. 

Q: What do I consider to be the most important issue we face and how do we resolve it? 

A: The toppling of our "institutions of convention and morality." 

Will Durant solemnly warns that the tussle between secularism and religion ultimately destroys society. A bunch of liberal/progressive fools that are ignorant of history have instigated a culture war that threaten the institutions of convention and morality. Please, read the previous link if you want the rest of my answer.

Our Philosophy

Ex-Minister is a decidedly secular organization consisting of men and women that were once church leaders, missionaries, politicians, or former clergy members. We understand and support post theism clergy and encourage them to use their talents in a constructive manner to build a better world. 

The organization goes back into the world we left behind (frequently in areas of conflict) with the perspective and knowledge taken from the best that both worlds can offer to find elusive solutions for complex issues.

As a humanist organization, we would rather trumpet reason and not be distracted from our pursuit of the common good with unnecessary strife. Unfortunately, a number of individuals that leave the faith desire to wage warfare against it. Suddenly those that were once allies quickly become adversaries in the "god wars." We don't understand this type of thinking. People of faith shouldn't be viewed as our enemies but as co-laborers for the better world that we seek. Things work best when we continue practicing our values, check our egos and focus upon what we have in common, rather than where we differ.

The common good doesn't have a theology; it is what both of us have in common. We discover that the "other side" isn't as bad as we had imagined them when we start working together. Ex-Minister gets them together through mutual interest projects.

The approach to religion vs. religion conflict is a bit different, we prefer to build humanity rather than fight theology. When these "in house" conflicts spill over into the secular arena and involve human rights; this is where an "unplugged" specialist with a theology background like Ex-Minister would enter into the picture as a peacemaker. Clergy frequently distrust other clergy or clergy peacemakers. This hampers dialogue and often reinforces a harder line position to be taken that exacerbates the problem.    

What will Ex-Minister International do once we get funding?

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 If a first timer visits this website and were to ask me what best exemplifies our ideas and work; I would suggest these pages:

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  2. The Ex-Minister Idea 

  3.  Why I am not an atheist - A Skeptic's Case for Belief in God


Thank you for having taken a few moments to get acquainted with our dream. We are ready and willing to get things started! What we need is funding. We are asking for your financial support and desire to hear from those of you that are friendly with what we are seeking to do! 


Brian Worley


Ex-minister International

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