Progressives Fiddle While Paradise Burned

Why isn’t weather control technology utilized for human good?  

The Christian present/future intermediate state or afterlife destination (Paradise) is mere fiction; but the wildfires that destroyed Paradise California and surrounding territory was unfortunately a reality! The devastation was largely preventable.  

Californian’s annually struggle with inevitable wildfires, especially in the fall. They know it’s coming, how about a little Boy Scout like preparation?  

Again, I want to know why isn’t weather control technology utilized for human good? You may surmise that God controls the weather and bad luck unfortunately falls upon some…that it is what it is. If this describes you, you are naïve and uninformed.  

Weather control has been around for decades. Its not conspiracy is an empirical fact. A simple Google search will ascertain that it has been around at least since the 1940’s (seven decades ago) and that there are many patents in place confirming the reality of weather control. In the 1960’s, Operation Popeye, launched the cloud seeding that took place in Southeast Asia to assist war making capabilities. We can even go back further than this to Reich’s orgone accumulator box and his bringing rain to desert area around Tucson, Arizona in October 1954.  

If there were only ONE Progressive that were a true soul…. this question – revelation would have been made public decades ago! But not a peep has been forthcoming from the bleeding-heart group that panders to humanity! God how this writer despises Progressives! One must have empathy to understand how another must feel to lose everything and be motivated enough to do something within your power/ability to seek to prevent or alleviate human suffering. But has anyone heard a damn peep from the despicable Progressives that are “so equipped” to enlighten and show society the way? Note my contempt, sarcasm, disdain for another secular false prophet!

                      this article was written by Brian Worley  



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