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Brian Worley                              

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I asked a friend today that knows their way around the media and the human rights world to advise me about my situation here. I was told that my situation was "too individual" of a problem for those agencies listed upon the "Scorecard." I reminded my friend that xenophobia is very personal to the individual involved! 

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the Ogre organized crime unit consisting of parties within Ogre Doma and the local municipal police chief struck again! Here is the story! 

Whenever the Ogre amphitheatre has events/concerts they often last till 4am with people lingering in the city square past 6am. We have been told that the food they serve at the concerts isn't that good and way overpriced. This is Latvia, nothing close by is open... protectionism guarantees it! The opportunity is excellent for the mobile kabob truck that serves delicious food at reasonable prices to set up ON OUR PROPERTY. The local mafia can't handle the competition and have went all out to stop the business! 

Once again, the police came to harass my sister-in-law, I counted 6 policemen at the scene. I stepped outside (mind you on my private property) and asked the police for ID and why they were here. I have their remarkable responses on audiotape! I can prove xenophobia folks!!! 

In the meantime, a few Latvian and Russian locals started to harass me while I was trying to have a reasonable discussion with the police. Briefly, the police separated them but in the presence of a likeminded xenophobic crowd they withdrew their protection. I have it on tape where I repeatedly asked them to get their hands off me and to not touch me! This accelerated due to police prejudice and got to the point where I protected myself by pepper spraying the one in my face! It is all on tape! 

Now the mob and the police all went after me. The police put their hands all over me while I pleaded with them that they were on private property and that I will take this internationally! They let me go after about 5 minutes and we went to our window to listened to the police conversing with the hate mongers at a distance of less than 7 meters away. 

The guy with the "orange-ish" sweatshirt proceeded to half shout to the police asking where the foreigner lived because he would return with his friends to shoot out my windows and teach me a few lessons! Strange, but if they threatened to shoot out the windows of the president... I believe that would have been sufficient enough for the even the most corrupt of policemen to get the culprit taken to the police station! Not in Ogre! He walked away! Locals don't even recognize xenophobia and no portion of government takes a stand against it. 

One nice thing about the police, they did take the guy away that I had to pepper spray. There are some good men upon the local police force, but it is rotten at the top! The chief takes orders from "city hall!" 

The organized crime link

Think I am being melodramatic? Crying wolf? Or does it take a fatality to awake the international community? How can any media or human rights organization turn a deaf ear! 

The police started the protocol against my sister-in-law. After the last run in, they double checked with lawyers and verified that they have the right to operate the business, but that it could be challenged if someone wanted to do so, but the case was weak! 

So the Ogre Municipal police chief was given orders by Ogre Doma to interrupt the business and they had to sign a paper stating that the lower ranking policemen carried out the job given to him by his superiors. The policeman said he didn't like doing this but he needed a job and that his boss was adamant about it!  I think that this lower ranking policeman with integrity should get the chief's job should he rightfully go to prison! Here we have it, the policeman gave them the link proving that they conspired together... the "mayors office or Doma" and the municipal police chief! 

As long as I am still living, I will trumpet my case and ask that justice be served to all regardless of their views upon religion or their nationality within a foreign land! We are too entrenched to leave, nor could we afford it! The best option we have is for those that should intervene to actually do so! I have good reason to think that even my own hired security company may betray us. I am pleading for international intervention here!!!



Brian Worley

Brian Worley   June 15, 2009   All rights reserved!


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